Wedding Jewelry



This translucent necklace captures the stalagmite crystal formation that makes a profound statement for any bride.  Coupled with pave diamond saucers and silver embellishments, this designer necklace reflects any color through its prizm.

PRICE: $130.00




Teardrop bubbles and lavender seed beads are tightly woven on six strands of crocheted silver wire.  Large specialty beads of purple and silver gems hang at the center of the neckline making room for the whimsical wire that jets out and makes an elaborate impression while remaining delicate.

PRICE: $185.00





Somethin Blue designer necklace is the perfect addition of blue for the traditional bride.  Large specialty crackle quartz of white and blue are equally dispersed throughout this silver dipped wire crochet choker. 

Numerous shades of blue are available to capture your specific hue.

PRICE: $115.00





A beachy and natural themed necklace for those destination weddings makes Frosted Shell a personalized necklace for your wedding day. Three different sizes of shells and pearl slivers are layered among nine strands that feature a shell pendant over-layed with gold wire.  Be different, be bohemian and depict the beauty of the beach.

PRICE: $125.00





Inspired by a loving Father figure who is a protector of his nest of children, this delicate choker of three strands features mini-robin egg beads and tiny pearls. Dangling wire-wrapped pearls add dimension and a unique compliment to a one-of-a-kind design.

PRICE: $130.00





A bold and chunky style of wedding jewelry is always necessary for the bride who wants to accent her face. Bringing attention to your face is just an added bonus with neutral spheres hand painted with lavender flowers that jump out among the white crackle quartz.  Hanging at 19', this beauty can be seen from the starting point of any church aisle.

PRICE: $200.00 




Life unfolding and re-inventing itself is what this necklace represents. Getting married is an embarkment of new life with the one you love.  These whispy strands of silver and navy wire allow the pearls to unfold and cascade forward to form a tree that anticipates telling a story; yours.

PRICE: $170.00




This classical depiction of pearls was birthed from a special order requesting the use of pearls from a third generation wedding day. I separated the pearls and lightly crocheted them into thick gauged wire for a simple but profound transformation.  Use this template for the timeless addition of pearls that can be worn over and over again after your special day.

PRICE: $130.00

Freshwater Pearl Bracelet has the same look and feel.

PRICE: $40.00

Showing the delicate features of both the bracelet and earrings together, this pearl set becomes a classical choice.

PRICE: $25.00




The best part about this design is the large white marbles that pop among the grey diamond spheres and tiny neutral cream beads.  The accent beads of brown have a delicate flower painted on the inside offering a slight hint of lavender.  Hanging 20' from it's original template, Houndstooth can be scrunched for a shorter length.

PRICE: $140.00




With large specialty beads of white shiny marbles, this necklace utilizes medium specialty beads of silver to create a chunky effect.  Nine strands of grey and blue seed beads add depth and the perfect amount of shine among a matte array of accents.

PRICE: $140.00




By far my favorite picture to redeem the trumpet blast that inspired this classic pearl necklace of traditional roundedness. Without the fancy imperfections of freshwater, these pearls are elaborated by translucent beads that double in number to form a cream colored necklace that defines bridal etiquette.

PRICE: $160.00 





For the love of pave, I created an affordable choker that features crushed diamond notes and square embellishments that make silver different. This bridal necklace is chunky yet slim and perfect for the after party where fashion is still a statement.

PRICE: $155.00 





It is hard to forget people who impact your life after they are gone. This necklace was inspired by grandma Sheila who carried a particular presence of class that demanded a second glance. Hundreds of translucent seed beads were crocheted on nine strands to form a chord of timeless class in a choker. 

PRICE: $190.00




When I think of actually tying the knot, I think of silver bells ringing to mark the time of jubilee.  This necklace is light and airy even though it is crocheted with nine strands of wire.  The silver spheres that hang at the collarbone, show up nicely for a special occasion like your wedding day.

PRICE: $120.00





Clusters of wire wrapped pearls dangle within a drape all its own.  This premier necklace can be made into a bracelet to form the perfect bridal jewelry set.  Medium specialty pearls of unique size are peppered throughout to give this ensemble a unique upscale twist.  

Choose from grey, pink or natural pearls that dangle in clusters.

PRICE: $150.00