Costume Jewelry

       Our Costume Jewelry is for everyday that's special.

New designs and color combinations are being created all the time. 
If you see something you like and want to combine it 
with another style necklace or bracelet, feel free to design your own. 
The possibilities are endless.

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Allison Necklace

This was a design for an earth-toned wedding in the mountains.  Powder pink painted glass stones are interwoven at the base to pick up the light pink pieces throughout the whole design. Shiny chocolate square beads are threaded on every loop up each side to give weight to a delicate form.

Price: $140.00

Up close and personal of the stones cascading display.



Driftwood is 18' and crocheted with copper wire. The driftwood goes up the side and is accompanied by copper and cream  specialty embellishments and dangling wood pieces for dramatic effect.

 Price: $150.00

Large specialty crimson and cream marbles as well as pieces of driftwood.

Up close and personal
view of tiny dangling seed accents that move.


Bubble Gum

Bubble Gum is all about fun. It brings blue coral pieces and pink coral to the sides while giving attention to the large wood beads at the bottom.

 Price: $185.00

The large specialty beads are marbles with shades of green, yellow and blue that can be worn with any pastel outfit.

Long Ocean Walk

Three strands. Long ocean Walk captures the depth of the ocean with large specialty blue glass beads, lighter blue medium specialty stones and sand colored accent beads, and finished with a textured sky blue pendant.

Price: $190.00

This necklace was featured at The Averitt Arts Center in Statesboro Georgia.

Up close and personal of the large blue specialty bead, the large white quartz specialty bead and the medium crystal specialty bead.



Waterslide Bracelet

Bubbly baby blue hues fill swirly spheres and add personality to this white and silver charm bracelet.
Perfect for any occasion, bride,bridesmaid or dress.

Price: $148.00

This elongated view shows off the rich shades of blue and white complimented by silver pieces and accents.
Large specialty beads, one medium specialty bead and small accent beads included.

Up close and personal
Love the distinct depth this bangle brings.



Electricity Set

This beautiful necklace can be added to any color scheme with it's white crackle quartz, aquamarine stones and baby blue gems. Purchase the set or separately.

Price: $85.00

Set: $140.00

Electricity bracelet consists of the same large white crackle quartz, turquoise and baby blue stones.

Price: $60.00


Lavender Lolli

Imagine large specialty crystals of amethyst, lavender and white quartz setting the stage for your entrance.  This dramatic and weighty necklace dresses up any occasion and will make you the talk of the event.

Nine strands of thick gauge silver wire hold these magnificent stones of wonder in a cascading tier that lays perfectly as three separate lengths.

Price: $290.00

Longest length reaches 21' and the inside strand rests at 17'.  This thick beauty needs 3 days to create and ship.


Crimson Coral

This unique nine wire crocheted necklace features red coral slivers among white bone slivers.  An organic use of natural stones, tiny wood spheres and flat onyx finalize the dramatic design.

Price $85.00




This chunky 5 stranded creation shows off unique miniature logs, cylinder shaped specialty stones, wooden pieces and dangling wood accents on one side while thinning out with wood and seed beads on the opposite side.  All orders will depict slight variances.

Price: $190.00

Multiple colors of browns and tans for an earthy appeal weighted on one side for a unique look.

Up close and personal.
Large specialty cylinders, medium log accents and dangling specialty beads are included.



Unique peach Crackle Quartz with a dramatic yet delicate effect. Freshwater pearls are the perfect color to keep the soft flow of neutral tones.  Adorned with a large peach and diamond pave pendant, this crystal necklace is sure to attract the eye of many.

Price: $170.00





This five stranded necklace features many specialty embellishments.  With large specialty silver decorated balls and onyx spheres to compliment black undertones, this chunky design can bring sophistication to any outfit.

Price: $165.00

Up close and personal to show the small silver beads that balance the background of large features.


Coral Stick

Coral wrapped with gold wire, coral pieces and baby blue sphere. Goes perfectly with Starfish pendant found on Design your Own page.

Price: $55.00

Cameo Charm

Matching our bridal line, these elongated silver wire crochet earrings feature a wire wrapped pearl dangling from sparsely spaced seed beads.

Price: $40.00

Robust Earrings

Red wired earrings with purple shimmering seed beads.

Price: $25.00

Moonbeam Earrings

Tiny molecular milky white beads crocheted together and wrapped around a pearly sphere dangling from twisted wire.  Reflective of the pearly moon.

Price: $58.00

Caramel Cascade
These earrings feature transparent crystals and shiny caramel stones clustered on top of one another to reflect subtle earth tones.

Price: $40.00

Bubble Drops
Three strands or iridescent baby crystals spiraled around 32gauge fine wire for a delicate formal earring.

Price: $65.00





Silver Dot Set

One of my first designs to wear on any occasion, this bold silver ensemble shimmers with 3 strands of silver and grey baby beads for an electrifying appeal. 

Earrings and Necklace.

Price Set: $70.00

Price Earrings: $35.00

Necklace drapes neck at 16' for a delicate reflection of silver off of grey beads.

Price Necklace: $40.00




This beautiful red coral and matte transparent stoned necklace took 4 days to construct. Elaborate 3 stranded detail of small, medium and large red coral pieces are braided at the top to assure natural drape of individual strands at the bottom. The white large specialty beads offer the finishing touches of class. A total of 12 strands all together.

Price: $190.00

Up close and personal of top braided strands leading into individual strands.



Cotton Candy Bracelet and Earrings

Powder pink and Baby blue specialty paisley spheres strewn on purple and pink wire. Delicate yet chunky, this is an eye stopper.

Price Bracelet: $70.00

Up close and personal.
One specialty sphere and small accent beads included.

Purple wire with baby blue and pink seed beads dangling a specialty paisley sphere.

Price Earrings: $45.00


Fantasia Necklace

A bold transition from red and crimson to lighter colors crocheted on copper wire.  Hand made growing in size from small wooden accent beads to large petals of shimmering specialty shells on the lower opposite side.

Price: $160.00

This is a bold use of woodsy materials that contrast with texture of medium specialty and small accent beads.




Ruthie Bracelet

This dynamic bracelet features coral slivers in pink, peach and tan tones.  Tiny accent beads of pink and purple interwoven on the delicate thin wire allow this design to remain weightless on the wrist.

Price: $65.00

The coral slivers dangle beautifully and spread out gracefully throughout the bracelet.





Starfish Pendant

This pendant became the focal point of gold wire wrapped with baby blue balls, turquoise gems, coral and tiny pearls to pick-up the colors and pair textures. This one of a kind necklace and pendant is not available for duplication.

Price: $250.00



Onyx Pendant

Bold turquoise stones adorned with black onyx and silver seed beads hang just an inch longer than a choker with the wired pendant.

Pendant handmade with 30gauge wire of turquoise and silver that branch outside the circular perimeter.

Price: $140.00




Check back regularly for more jewelry selections as we are updating our website. Thank you!