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Choose your colors 

Choose the number of strands

Choose the number of engagement rings

Choose one specialty bead 

Think about numbers and how they have spoken to you and include them on your jewelry for any occasion.
What number best describes your story?
·         Add engagement rings throughout your design.
·         Order a template and add engagement rings.

1 -- 10: $6

10 -- 20: $8

20 -- 30: $10
      Above 30 is additional $5 per 10 increments

                                               How many months were you engaged?

 How many years have you known each other?
                                            How many years have you been married?

 Engagement Ring Necklace

Three strands of seed beads have been added to a strand of white crackle quartz and Engagement Ring embellishments.

Price: Starts at $150.00
Specialty beads
Size of specialty beads
choose specific color
choose number of rings

Engagement rings can dangle on bottom strand or throughout entire necklace.

Choose any color to be featured in your design that best compliments what you are wearing.

Choose the prefect number of mini engagement rings to embellish any strand of quartz or gems.



It is a one-of-kind creation that is a beautiful representation of our story.
The Lord used the number 3 to confirm many things throughout Angie's life.  Three means spiritual completeness of a testimony on a divine and supernatural level. 

Angie captured the representation of her love for God when she decided to string the toy engagement rings on a wire crocheted with quartz and gems. 

The "Engagement Ring" necklace was born and many have represented months of promise keeping, dating, engagement, marriage, children or years to represent their lives to others.  The idea caught on and once people chose a template to design their jewelry from, many added a strand of rings to complete the personality of their own design.