Monogrammed Letters

Monogrammed Initials 

Choose your letter

Choose any specialty stone

Choose number of accent beads/gems

Choose your favorite color to be  accented by medium specialty gems and small seed beads.

Any color can become a unique design. Incorporate strands of small accent beads with larger specialty beads for a layered design ranging from 3 or 27 strands.

Whatever you can imagine, we can create.
Imagine any combination of colors or textures: we can add ribbon, dangling textiles, chain, pins or objects to inspire or add-onto your design.

Choose from any size, color, gem, quartz, wood, bead, shell or glass and add greater dimension with colored wire.

Monogrammed Letters

The front entrance of any home will become a statement of heritage for your family's namesake with these special order monogrammed wall displays.

Large specialty beads, medium sized gems and stones and small accent beads, can depict any theme or color scheme.

This tail of the letter "S" has cream tiny accent beads which form a flowering finish that draws a close to its placement throughout the design.

The formation of this letter "R" began on a printed piece of paper that brought out the contrasting colors of the stones.

After deciding that an orange background was too bright, I continued to add single strands inside the deep display so the stones could move freely and create a 3-D active picture.





Glass Framed Shadowbox

Shadowboxes are slim and covered with a glass frame.  Choice of fabric or printed background is made upon completion of letter design and before mounting.

Price: $175.00

A little girl's bedroom theme contrasts powder pink and baby blue stones.

The Harry Potter theme depicts black and deep purple stones adorned with yellow spheres for a cryptic and magical feel.  The dangling sword adds the finishing touch of this family's adventurous style.

This nautical themed letter "S" was made to accent neutral colored quartz with the multi-faceted blue stones on the curves of the letter to depict swirls of waves.



Choose your beads and stones


Refurbished Wall Art

Take any household key holder, chalkboard, or fashionable artwork and transform it into a sensational stone representation of your heritage.  Any letter can become a representation of your letter that is a handmade artistic statement.

Price starts: $150.00





Deep Wall Display

Choose wall art with depth to make an impact of the featured letter that represents your namesake.  There are no limits to the number of stones and beads or elaboration for a monogrammed statement in your home. Background print is chosen to bring out the contrast of color in the letter.

Price $175.00