About Us

The Color of Heaven jewelry was created with the idea that anyone can dream and imagine a unique use for color as an artistic story.

The Bridal jewelry has been featured at The Arts Center in Statesboro Georgia while utilizing models from the GSU campus.

The unique designs incorporate large specialty quartz, bone, glass, crystal, wood and shell and have complimented attire for formal engagements, bridal shows, fundraisers, weddings and masquerade parties.



 A kid at heart, Angie experimented with different shapes and gems to introduce fun themes and original use of materials that would not normally "go well" together.  Imagination broadened and experimentation with new requests gave her moments of originality that produced one-of-a-kind necklaces that depict her friends personalities.  Each necklace is named after the person who received the original.  Different colors can be interchanged on any of the necklaces located on the website to make it your own.  The sky is the limit.  Any color or stone can be added to any cord.  The hope is that with each necklace, the Color of Heaven becomes a reflection of God's love for the person it was designed for.

                                           Contact Angie @ 443-244-7613

For questions and detailed descriptions please email me at thecolorofheaven333@gmail.com