Our necklaces are named to help you choose from a selection of styles that consist of 3, 6, or 9 cords which are each braided together of 3 wired strands.

Using the template of an original named necklace, we can interchange a different color scheme and bead choice that you request.  The style will be an original that you designed based on the picture we have provided. 

Length of necklaces can always be manipulated by scrunching the wire for a tighter fit or by pulling the wire apart to elongate the drape.  Necklaces and bracelets can be delicate and uniform or chunky and dramatic.  The hope is to allow the customer choices and a way to create a design all her own.

Each necklace, bracelet, set of earrings, tiara, or wire pendant is created using unique stones, gems, shells, wood, delicate stones, glass beads or objects you want to incorporate for personalization. Our Premier Bridal Line features mini-engagement rings that can be woven into any design to best represent a number that represents an important time to you.